The TSR Business products map and predict tropical storm impacts with unrivalled accuracy. They are available for live and historical tropical cyclones worldwide. The data for each product are offered in a choice of formats for display on different Earth mapping platforms and risk mapping software.

2024 Products

TSR is offering four products for commercial purchase in 2024. Please click on each product below to download a PDF factsheet for an example and to see the product's business benefits and key features.

Surface Wind* and Gust** History
(all windspeed thresholds to 190 mph)
Forecast Wind* and Gust** Swathes
to 120hrs

(all windspeed thresholds to 190 mph)
Ensemble Forecast Wind* and
Gust** Swathes to 120hrs

(100-member ensemble)
Surface Wind Probabilities to 120hrs
(39+ mph and 74+ mph thresholds)
*1-minute sustained wind     **peak 3-second gust

2023 Beta Products

TSR is offering the following as beta test products. These products are free of charge in 2023 to clients who subscribe to one or more Atlantic basin products. Please click on each beta test product for a PDF factsheet.

Probabilistic Forecast U.S. Market Insured Loss
(forecasts out to 5 days lead)
Immediate Post-Event U.S. Market Insured Loss
(issued a few hours after landfall)
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