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23rd May 2012 Tropical Storm Risk anticipates near-norm 2012 hurricane season.
24th May 2011 Tropical Storm Risk warns of above-norm 2011 hurricane season.
2nd December 2010 Remarkable 2010 hurricane and typhoon seasons.
16th June 2010 Tropical Storm Risk launches breakthrough hurricane tracking product.
25th May 2010 Tropical Storm Risk warns of active 2010 hurricane season.
6th August 2008 TSR predicts very active 2008 Atlantic hurricane season.
2nd June 2008 TSR predicts slightly above norm 2008 Atlantic hurricane season.
31st January 2008 Increased hurricane activity linked to sea surface warming. (For general audience).
31st January 2008 BUHRC study reveals large contribution of sea surface warming to increased Atlantic hurricane activity. (For insurance audience).
9th November 2007 Australian tropical cyclone activity in 2007/8 forecast to be most active in 9 years.
31st May 2007 TSR continues to predict an active Atlantic hurricane season.
20th March 2007 TSR raises forecast for 2007 Atlantic hurricane season.
15th February 2007 TSR adds rainfall forecasts for tropical storms worldwide. (For insurance audience).
15th February 2007 TSR adds rainfall forecasts for tropical storms worldwide. (For humanitarian audience).
7th December 2006 TSR predicts an active hurricane season in 2007.
21st July 2006 TSR launches email alert service for tropical storms threatening landfall.
7th July 2006 Tropical Storm Risk wins the Risk Management Award at the prestigious British Insurance Awards 2006.
8th June 2006 After four years of highly accurate forecasts, TSR predicts yet another active hurricane season in 2006.
6th December 2005 After accurate forecasts 2003-5, TSR predicts another active Atlantic hurricane season in 2006.
26th October 2005 Hurricane modelling methodology breakthrough paves way for better informed risk and reinsurance buying strategies.
16th August 2005 TSR launches new Tropical Storm Tracker innovations.
15th August 2005 TSR predicts one of the most active hurricane seasons on record.
8th July 2005 TSR raises its forecast for 2005 Atlantic hurricane activity.
8th July 2005 TSR update on intense hurricane Dennis.
20th April 2005 Major breakthrough in hurricane prediction. (For insurance audience).
20th April 2005 Breakthrough in forecasting US hurricane activity by UCL scientists. (For general audience).
16th February 2005 Following Accurate 2004 Outlook, TSR Predicts Another Active Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2005.
1st September 2004 Dr Frank Roberts Joins TSR Consortium
20th August 2004 TSR Predicts Hurricane Season Has More to Come
6th August 2004 Even More Active 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted by TSR Consortium
21st July 2004 Application of Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts for Catastrophe Reinsurance Announced
8th July 2004 Tropical Storm Risk Wins London Market Innovation of the Year Award 2004
28th May 2004 Higher-than-Normal 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted by TSR Consortium
19th April 2004 Australian Cyclone Season in 2004/5 Forecast to be Most Active in 4 Years
24th March 2004 TSR Feeds Live Storm Warnings to Reuters Alertnet
10th March 2004 Typhoon Activity in 2004 Forecasted to be Average by TSR Consortium
5th December 2003 Another Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecasted for 2004 by TSR Consortium
30th May 2003 TSR Launches Tropical Storm Tracker
12th December 2001 Australian Region Tropical Storm Season Expected to be Quieter than Average.
3rd December 2001 Another Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Foreseen for 2002 by TSR Consortium.
23rd August 2001 Crawford & Company Joins TSR Consortium.
6th August 2001 Above Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Anticipated by TSR Consortium.
10th July 2001 Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Now Foreseen by TSR Consortium.
5th February 2001 TSR Consortium Announces Forecast for Japan Typhoon Strikes in 2001.
30th January 2001 Japan Typhoon Strikes in 2000 Precisely Predicted by TSR Consortium.
4th December 2000 Tropical Storm Risk Consortium Announces Forecast for US Hurricane Strikes in 2001.
6th June 2000 Scientists Reveal US Hurricane and Japan Typhoon Strikes for 2000 Summer.
1st November 1999 UK Scientists Reveal US Hurricane Strikes for Year 2000.
1st July 1999 Forecasts by UK Scientists Predict Slightly Above Average Hurricane Strikes on the US Mainland this Summer/Autumn.
12th January 1999 Tsunami Consortium of UK Insurance Companies Announce Development of Custom Built Forecasts for US Landfalling Hurricanes.

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