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Storm Tracker Documents: Summary

The TSR Tropical Storm Tracker is a free internet application available from The product enables insurers, reinsurers, risk managers, humanitarian relief agencies and others to assess exactly when, where and to what extent losses are likely to happen from active tropical storms worldwide. Having the latest and best risk information readily and clearly to hand is vital for competitive advantage and for organising effective humanitarian aid.

The Tropical Storm Tracker is designed for clarity of information, ease of use and relevant content. The product's core features include:
  • Real-time forecasts out to five days lead for all active tropical cyclone systems worldwide.
  • Best available information on storm position and strength (past, current and future).
  • Forecasts updated every 6-12 hours.
  • Graphical windspeed probability product giving the likelihood that any point on a map will be struck by hurricane strength (74mph) and/or by tropical storm strength (39mph) 1-min sustained winds at different leads out to 5 days.
  • Current and forecast 2-dimensional wind fields for all systems of at least hurricane force prior to extra-tropical transition.
  • Display of past wind affected areas for all active tropical storms.
  • Storm-centred zooms for current and forecast positions out to 5 days lead.
The Tracker has already proved to be a useful business and humanitarian planning tool. During 2004 and 2006 TSR won the British Insurance Awards for London Market Innovation and Risk Management of the Year for the Tracker. TSR also introduced tropical storm alert feeds to Reuters AlertNet, the global humanitarian new portal, and to the United Nations World Food Programme.

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